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Grow Cube Sleeve(L)

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About Grow Cube Sleeve(L)

Grow Cube Sleeves are of UV Stabilized, 600 gauge, 150 microns, double layer bag. These are available in difference sizes, suitable for Terrace Gardening, Home Gardening, lasting many crop seasons, better growth of plants. Grow Bags are clean, pathogen free and light weight. Plants grown in Grow Cubes will also benefit in better uptake and aeration in the root zone. As a result faster growth and higher yield take place. Grow cube with planting media COCOPEAT will give better results, better aeration, better conservation of water etc...


Product Name Grow Cube Sleeve(L)
UV Stabilized 600 gauge, 150 micron
Size 24 (L) x 24 (W) x 40 (H) cm
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