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About Geotextiles

Geotextile are broadly employed for civil engineering programs and slope stabilization programs. Geotextile possess the mechanical strength essential to hold soil in position and stop erosion. The nettings split up the runoff and dispel the power of flowing water. Coir also encourages the establishment of recent plant life by absorbing water and stopping becoming dry from the top soil and seed products.

Coir is a material which is widely used to overcome the problem of erosion. When woven into geotextiles and placed on areas in need of erosion control it promotes new vegetation by absorbing water and preventing top soil from drying out. Coir geotextiles have a natural ability to retain moisture and protect from the suns radiation just like natural soil, and unlike geo-synthetic materials, it provides good soil support for up to three years, allowing natural vegetation to become established.


Product Name Coir Geotextiles
Feature Erosion Control
Quality 100% Chemical Free
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