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With our products, you can have a lifestyle that truly matters! Buy from us today to taste and enjoy life’s treasures at the click of your fingers! We offer a unique number of sustainably sourced organic coconut products, all conveniently available for you to buy online. our desire for constant innovation and passion for Coir, we have built up a reputation of the highest standards in quality, delivery and technical support in providing eco-solutions through Coir media. our raw materials are directly sourced from the best coconut producers.

Our products according to the Quality controls there is always a friendly smile at the end of our phone, and a competent team to make sure your ordering experience with us is a positive one! We hope you enjoy our new look site, and we feel privileged to assist you on your chosen path of wellness and vitality! I am deeply passionate about ethics and rights. I believe that you deserve to be able to purchase products where full product description is enclosed from absolutely honest ingredient lists; to country of origin and the cruelty free status of the item.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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Our Vision

To create healthy work environment by placing our people first, and to empower and build an innovative art production techniques under the supervision of highly skilled, experienced production team.

Under their dynamic vision and leadership and steadfast support and efforts of other partners and staff the industry has grown very successfully.

Our Mission

The mission of AVM COCOS is to be the premier Eco-friendly horticultural Product supplier in the Country by supplying the best selection and largest inventory of green and hard goods and by providing the best service in the industry.

Our arms globally and establishing our offices worldwide. Our customers are fully satisfied with our services.